Social Media Training for Food Pros

Social media marketing has the potential to be one of the biggest time- and money-sucks for any specialty food company. It also has the potential to build your customer base, increase customer loyalty, create mega-fans/brand ambassadors, get your brand press coverage and increase your bottom line. It all depends on how you do it!

Until now, there has never been a comprehensive social media training program for specialty food brands.

Based on over a decade of experience in marketing specialty foods and beverages, two members of The Tea Mavens have created a detailed program to empower you and your food brand to succeed on all the social media platforms that matter right now.

During your 30-day training program, you'll be guided through all the ins and outs of social media for food businesses using tools that make success easy, including:

  • videos,

  • guided action-steps,

  • case studies,

  • sample images,

  • downloadable templates,

  • an end-of-course quiz,

  • accountability check-ins,

  • and more!


Not sure? See what tea pros around the world are saying about working with The Tea Mavens!


"From packaging to website content, Lindsey has handled numerous projects for Samovar. Her input has been full of passion, and she was a joy to work with...

I fully recommend working with Lindsey."

— Jesse Jacobs, Founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco, California

“In under six hours of researching a major sourcing decision, Lindsey saved us more than $10,000 and many hours of work. Her years of accumulated contacts and knowledge are priceless.

— Andy Swenson, Dietary Supplement Experts

“Working with The Tea Mavens has been the best decision we've made for our business.”

In the past, we used a few freelancers to help with social media, blog articles, product descriptions, etc., and while they did an OK job, they did not have the love and passion for tea and it showed in their work. Finding someone with the skills that The Tea Mavens have plus the passion for all things tea was like hitting the lotto.

— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion Teas, Texas

“In the nine years I've known her, Lindsey has shown herself to be incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and great to work with.”

— Jesse Jacobs, Founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco, California

Lindsey's professional approach, combined with her constructive honesty in our meetings, made her a priceless collaborator. The deal was sweetened by her good humor and reliability; I genuinely liked working with her."

— Heidi Kyser, writer and editor, Las Vegas, Nevada

"My favorite thing about working with them is letting them do what they do best. I never have to micromanage projects or fear that they do not understand our goals and business."

— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion Teas, Texas


“I have known Lindsey for over a decade, and can attest to the fact that she's one of the most knowledgeable, and prolific, tea writers in the country.”

With a journalistic spirit and constant investigative attitude, Lindsey has provided thorough research, deep dives of information on the industry, and many hours of analysis on my company's behalf.  We have also been able to utilize her marketing writing skills for product descriptions, to great effect... We look forward to working with her again in the future.

— Winnie Yu, Director of Teance Fine Teas, Berkeley, California

  • Tiffany is an incredibly talented marketer. I was thrilled to work with her... She provided rich marketing direction.
    — L.D.C., Vancouver, Canada
  • Elle is a joy to work with. She's conceptually strong, detail-oriented, and fast. Really fast. She always found ways to add something great to our projects and take them a step further.
    — E.S., Senior Copywriter, San Francisco, California
  • Lindsey is one of the most knowledgeable people in the tea business.
    — David Barenholz, CEO of American Tea Room, Los Angeles, California
  • Shanthony is one of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She brings fresh ideas to everything she touches. She has a strong work ethic and works efficiently and quickly to complete every project that comes her way.
    — V.C., Creative Director, Brooklyn, New York
  • I respect Lindsey's love for tea and unbiased views, and found her to be always open-minded to learning more and more in-depth aspects of Asian teas and its many ceremonies and practices.
    — Winnie Yu, Director of Teance Fine Teas, Berkeley, California
  • Elin brought her many years of experience to our print piece and generated captivating advertisements...
    — L.M.S., Chicago, Illinois
  • Lindsey is a brilliant writer who knows what the readers she writes for need to know before they do.
    — Heidi Kyser, writer and editor, Las Vegas, Nevada


"One of Lindsey's great gifts is her way with words. She took the transient flavours and sensations of our complex teas and translated them into engaging, accurate and compelling words. We were stuck with what to write on our packaging before Lindsey alleviated the stress by translating fleeting moments into solid branding."

— Holly Helt, Founder of Chiki Tea, Japan

“Lindsey and her team can make you look like a multimillion dollar company. Do what you do best and let the The Tea Mavens do what they do best."

— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion Teas, Texas

It is an absolute pleasure working with Lindsey... She is prompt and reliable, and communicates with humor, warmth, intellect and professionalism... She knows how to ask the right questions, listens carefully in order to meet my needs and vision, and is always flexible with making changes along the way.

— Libby Gibson, tea business owner, Canada

“I can't even begin to estimate the hours of joyless work and amount of stress I've saved myself by working with The Tea Mavens for the last three years.”

— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion Teas, Texas

“Lindsey has excellent verbal and written skills and an integrity level that is unsurpassed.”

— David Barenholz, CEO of American Tea Room, Los Angeles, California

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