Tea Recipe Development

Offer crave-worthy tea drinks that keep customers coming back for more

On Instagram, Pinterest and foodie blogs galore, tea is HOT right now! And you can use its time in the spotlight to acquire and keep new customers through the use of innovative, delicious, on-brand tea recipes.

Here at The Tea Mavens, we work with tea businesses, cafes and restaurants to develop delicious tea recipes that keep customers coming back for more (and more... and more!). Whether you need to improve your in-house offerings (as so many do in this rapidly evolving marketplace) or to share viral-ready recipes on your website and social channels, we're here to create the recipes that make it happen.

Meet Alexis and Lindsey, the two Tea Mavens who will guide you from "I need a tea recipe" to "Wow... this is amazing."


Tea Maven Alexis

Alexis has worked in the tea industry for the last nine years, primarily as a tea consultant, tea writer, tea educator and tea recipe developer. Her tea recipes and stories have been published in Anthology Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine, Remedy Quarterly, Design*Sponge and more.

“Alexis brings her amazing passion, professionalism, creativity and talent to every project she’s assigned. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on strategy, communication planning, recipe and content development on and off-camera for the tea projects we worked on together... She’s a true talent and brings innovative thinking to every project she touches.”

— Cheri Tennill, marketing consultant for Takeya USA

“Last summer we produced a series of 7 or 8 webisodes all about cooking with tea, ‘The Alexis Show’, and which were featured on The Daily Tea. As you can imagine these required much planning, and attention to detail. I have to hand it to Alexis for the quality she brought to every facet of the shows, in addition to being the host of the show. Planning, recipes, timing, the set, ideas - you name it. It takes someone very accomplished to manage all these things, over and above what was expected, and to do it with grace, calm and style...”

— Graham Kilshaw Chief Media Officer, ITEM Media / The Daily Tea

Tea Guru Lindsey

With over a decade of experience in the tea industry, Lindsey is the go-to tea professional for tea coaching, consulting, copywriting and more. Her tea recipes and tea-infused-food recipes have appeared in numerous tea establishments, publications and tea marketing materials.

“[Lindsey] knows how to ask the right questions, listens carefully in order to meet my needs and vision, and is always flexible with making changes along the way.”

— Libby Gibson, tea business owner, Canada

"Lindsey and her team can make you look like a million dollar company. Do what you do best and let The Tea Mavens do what they do best."

-— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion teas, Texas

“In the nine years I've known her, Lindsey has shown herself to be incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and great to work with.”

— Jesse Jacobs, Founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco, California

Work with The Tea Mavens to entice your customers with exquisite tea recipes...

Tea Drink Recipes for Tea Vendors

Connect with the hearts and imaginations of potential and loyal customers alike with expertly developed, highly customized tea drink recipes.

Using three to five of your best-selling teas, we create a selection of recipes tailored to engage the tastes and cravings of your target market. This package includes:

+ an initial two-hour consult call with Alexis and Lindsey to determine the specific needs of your company.

+ recipe testing and development to create phenomenal drinks that your customers will crave again and again.

+ three to five recipes specifically created and written with your branding in mind.

+ clear, engaging, branded recipe headnotes, ingredients and instructions (which may be used by customers and staff alike).

+ gorgeous photographs of each recipe, including your company's teaware if desired.

+ a branded, Pinterest-ready graphic of the recipes' key steps, including a photo of the final drink.

These materials may be used in a variety of media, including your website, social media channels, printed materials and packaging to drive sales and brand loyalty.

Tea Drink Recipes for Tea Vendors
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