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Your business is about to get a lot better.


Overcome the 11 Tea Business Hurdles

Your job is about to get a LOT easier.

After more than a decade in the industry, it was difficult for me to NOT see patterns in tea businesses that succeeded and tea businesses that failed. And as a person who cares about the welfare of the specialty tea industry, it was difficult for me to NOT act on that realization. So, I started coaching tea businesses on how to succeed. And out of that work, I created this series of documents on the major hurdles tea businesses face and how to overcome them.

It focuses on the 11 key areas of improvement that can make or break a tea business. Some of them are things that businesses intended to ‘get around to’ sooner or later… and somehow never did. Others are areas that are like blind spots for struggling tea businesses, or even tasks that elicit panic at their very mention. Usually, within a few hours of focused work, the worry just dissolves. It’s simply a matter of actually DOING those hours of focused work. That’s exactly the kind of thing this series remedies. And it does so in the simplest, most effective ways I’ve found in my years of work with tea businesses.

I’ve seen these exercises work with small and midsize tea businesses around the world. Many of these same exercises have helped me up level my own business and personal life, too. They work, and they’re worth every second and every cent you invest in them. (When it comes to mastering tricky areas such as effective prioritization and clear communication, $9 per hurdle ain't bad at all!)

Are you ready to take the reigns of your tea business and leap over the most common tea business hurdles? Get started TODAY with this detailed guide.

It includes:

  1. Clarifying your company mission & vision
  2. Time tracking
  3. Calendaring it in
  4. Goal setting
  5. Prioritization
  6. Financial comprehension
  7. Delegation
  8. Automation
  9. Personal rewards structures
  10. Team rewards structures
  11. Communication

Each document includes clear, detailed instructions for overcoming each of these all-too-common pitfalls. Wherever applicable, specific examples for the tea industry are included (such as examples of highly productive weekly schedules for cafe owners, tea wholesalers and online tea 'solopreneurs').

Following these simple instructions makes the difference between scraping by in your tea business (low income, exhaustion, stress, little free time, etc.) and thriving in your tea business (getting clear on your goals, working on the big-picture stuff rather than getting mired down in the low-level tasks, delegating effectively, taking time off to recharge, etc.). If you're ready to let go of tea business stress and embrace a more productive (and joyful!) way of working and living, then purchase your instant digital download on how to overcome the 11 tea business hurdles today.

PLUS, you get 5 bonuses!

Bonus 1: A step-by-step guide to a tea-centric morning routine you can use to start your days with passion and productivity

Bonus 2: 2 checklists for extra professional and personal upleveling once you've mastered the 11 hurdles

Bonus 3: How to master the holiday season in your personal life while focusing on your business's busy season from October through December

Bonus 4: A list of 44 business / personal development books I recommend especially for tea pros, in categories including marketing effectively, overcoming harmful patterns, and productivity, efficacy & goal setting.

Bonus 5: 3 printouts (including the image featured here) and 1 screensaver to make your newfound life hacks easy to remember and implement

If you're happy to keep plodding along in your tea business, or to remain stagnant, or to stay in stress and overwhelm, then by all means, go for it! But if you're ready to overcome the 11 major hurdles that most tea businesses face and to see your tea business thrive... well, now you know how to make that happen. Download your copy of this definitive guide for tea pros today!

Succeed This Summer!

In summer, many potential customers are traveling more, in the kitchen less and drinking more, well, NOT-tea drinks (like juices, sodas, to-go iced coffees, ice-cold beers, tropical tiki drinks and summery sangrias).

The result? Summer is a time of depressed sales and overall struggle for most tea businesses. However, with the right marketing strategies in place, your sales numbers can buck the trend and shine all summer!

How do you overcome the summer sales slump? Start with "Succeed This Summer!" today. It's an instant digital download to get you started on summer success RIGHT NOW.

    This complete collection is available as a stand-alone product for the first time EVER this year! It's normally only available as part of a multi-THOUSAND-dollar services package for our one-on-one clients. Now, we're making it available to everyone who subscribes to MavenMail for a ridiculously low price. Take advantage of this price while the offer lasts!

    "Succeed This Summer!" includes all you need to get the sales rolling in this summer (and beyond). With it, you receive:

    • A checklist of all the action steps you need to take to ignite sales this summer
    • A 64-minute recording of a live call led by our Digital Marketing Maven (Tiffany) and our Tea Guru (Lindsey) that addresses everything you need to know to succeed THIS summer (including questions from tea pros just like you)
    • Instructions for accessing our gorgeous, SECRET Pinterest board for summer sales inspiration (including on-trend chilled tea recipes, summery tea-infused culinary delights and more to spark your own brilliant ideas for summer tea marketing approaches)

    Are you ready to succeed this summer? Start on the path to success now with this instant download!

    Succeed This Summer!
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    Month of Social Media Mastery

    Social media marketing has the potential to be one of the biggest time- and money-sucks for any specialty food company. It also has the potential to build your customer base, increase customer loyalty, create mega-fans/brand ambassadors, get your brand press coverage and increase your bottom line. It all depends on how you do it!

    Until now, there has never been a comprehensive social media training program for specialty food brands. Based on over a decade of experience in marketing specialty foods and beverages, two members of The Tea Mavens have created a detailed program to empower you and your food brand to succeed on all the social media platforms that matter right now.

    Choose & Use Social Media Platforms Wisely

    In this 30-day training program, we lay out all the social media platforms you need to know about. You'll find out:

    • which social media platforms matter, so you can focus your time and effort intelligently

    • how to use each platform wisely, so you can send out the right content in the right way for increased sales and a bigger fan base

    • when to advertise and how to use online ads across multiple platforms effectively, so you can increase your brand's reach without wasting your precious money and time on bad ads and the wrong platforms

    • and more!

    Communicate Masterfully Online

    We also teach how to communicate with customers and fans online. You'll learn:

    • how to find your brand voice, so you can quickly and easily write targeted posts that connect with your audience

    • how to engage with your audience, so you're seen and heard by more people without ever feeling like you're yelling into a void

    • how to think and market visually, so you can captivate your audience and get them sharing your branded content

    • what to post (and what not to post!), so that you can get the likes, shares, follows and sales you desire and develop a lifestyle brand around your company WITHOUT alienating your customers

    • how to deal with sensitive topics, so you don't end up getting trolled, riling up the masses or ending up in a PR disaster

    • how to use hashtags effectively, so you can leverage trends without looking like a hanger-on

    • how to respond to customer complaints on social in a way that INCREASES your company's credibility and likability (without starting a Twitter war!)

    • how to use direct messages, private messages and replies when customers ask you a question, so you can engage with people appropriately on a one-on-one basis and know when to do it publicly or privately

    • how to give your social media marketing a more human feel, so that fans connect more deeply with your brand, keep coming back for more and spread the brand love (without a single 'TMI' post!)

    • and more!

    Plan for Success with Must-Know Strategies

    And we reveal strategies for success on social media. You'll discover:

    • how to schedule your posts, so you can save time and energy, plus have all your marketing bases covered

    • how to ABI (Always Be Innovating), so that you can keep your social media channels original, compelling and always getting more views

    • which specialty food brands and resources to look to for inspiration, so you NEVER run out of fresh ideas for your own social media marketing strategy

    • how to get influencers to promote your brand for you, so you can reach thousands more people in no time... without wasting time and money with the wrong influencer outreach approaches

    • how to use contests to get hype, build your brand's reach and get new followers

    • how to use video effectively and why video is a MUST for your social media success

    • and more!

    For a limited time, our 30-day program is more than half off.

    Get yours today!

    Month of Social Mastery
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