Online Tea Business Courses

Whether you're a food professional, a semi-pro tea lover or a business owner first and foremost, we've got courses for you.

In the tea business, there's often an idea that business is complicated. Trixy, somehow. @#$% hard.

And in the food world, there's often the idea that tea is too persnickety to be integrated into business easily or successfully.

These myths have formed walls between worlds, but these days, the walls are coming down. And standing there with sledgehammers, you'll find The Tea Mavens.


Tea Business Fundamentals

It's shocking, but most people who run tea businesses have never actually taken any business courses! This crash course sets out to remedy that. Through case studies, role-play scenarios and worksheets, you'll learn all about supply chains, business models, branding, marketing, sales and more. We make each lesson relevant, applicable and (above all) entertaining, so you can get more $$$$$ than ZZZZZ's.


Find Your Brand's Voice

This interactive course uses group discussion, worksheets and activities to help you clearly identify and use your brand's voice across all marketing channels, from telling customers about your teas and training your staff, to writing copy and posting on social media.


Tea Training for Food Professionals

This course covers all the fundamentals of tea for you food pros out there. Our main focus is on flavor. We'll dive deep into brewing (forget that 'black tea, boiling water, 5 minutes' crap), tea pairings and cooking with tea, while remembering to come back up to the surface and look at obstacles and applications in your business with Q&As and discussions. We'll discuss tea trends and what they mean for the food world. And we'll also geek out on some of the tea science, for sure, but always with a foodie focus. (We love Bill Nye, but this is much more like Harold McGee.)

As part of this course, you'll receive a gorgeous glass teapot and a sampling of our favorite Grand Cru loose leaf teas.