Let's face it... summer slumps suuuuuck


They're the annual sales (non-)event that most tea businesses try to hide.

They can be financially devastating for tea businesses that are unprepared for them.

And they're totally avoidable... IF you take the right steps to skip them!


A personal note from The Tea Mavens' Tea Guru, Lindsey Goodwin-von Trott zu Solz:

Hey there, tea pro!

Tea Guru Lindsey here. In my last 12 years in the tea business (gosh, so long already!), I've seen a lot of tea businesses succeed and a lot more tea businesses fail. And one of the biggest challenges they face is the annual summer sales slump. Ugh, just typing out the words makes me shudder a bit! It's such a difficult time for so many tea businesses, and it can push them beyond the breaking point if they're unprepared for the annual drop in sales that is all too common for tea vendors.

But you know what? In these years of interviewing leaders and working directly with tea businesses around the world, I've also learned to identify the outliers and to see up close what they do differently to thrive EVEN in the dog days of summer when half their customer base is eschewing the heat of the kitchen or on some far-flung summer vacation. And backed by Tiffany (our brilliant Digital Marketing Maven, with years of experience in getting tea businesses' email lists and websites in peak-performance mode) and Connie (our Ads & SEO Maven, who's a rockstar at coaching on all the technical, nitty-gritty stuff you need to know AND do to see the gleam of cold, hard cash flowing in this summer), I'm prepared to guide YOU through exactly how to skip the slump and be a sales SUPERSTAR this summer. Through calls and emails, three of us Tea Mavens (Tiffany, Connie and I) will:

Lindsey Appreciating Oolong Tea, 2009

Lindsey Appreciating Oolong Tea, 2009

  • identify what's working AND what isn't when it comes to your summertime marketing strategy
  • prepare you for comprehension and success with a PDF of MUST-KNOW digital marketing terms
  • determine three to five focused, effective ways your particular business can see superstar success THIS SUMMER
  • empower you to realize those strategies BEFORE the summer slump can take hold
  • coach you on how to maximize your use of Google AdWords to get new eyes on your brand AND keep people coming back for more
  • support you through implementation of the strategies we develop on our call, so you are SURE to make it happen!
  • make it easy on you with a clear, simple success checklist covering all the points we discussed on our live call PLUS more summer success secrets
  • and give even MORE in the form of exclusive, royalty-free Tea Mavens photos that YOU can use in your marketing this summer!

Until March 17th, we're doing all that (and throwing in some seriously juicy bonuses) for less than HALF the normal price. After all, we'd much rather get you started on the path to success NOW than to have you wait, pay full price later and see less of a result due to poor planning!

Tiffany doing her thing in Vancouver

Tiffany doing her thing in Vancouver

Lindsey climbing Ali Shan in Taiwan

Lindsey climbing Ali Shan in Taiwan

A bit about us:

We've worked with tea businesses around the world. We've seen what works (and what DOESN'T work). And we're prepared to guide YOU on the path to success.

For Summer Sales Superstar, you'll be collaborating with the following Tea Mavens:

  1. Me, the in-house Tea Guru
  2. Tiffany, our Digital Marketing Maven, who has over a decade of experience in the tea industry and has worked her magic on numerous tea businesses (including a 40% online sales boost in just ONE MONTH!)
  3. Connie, our Ads & SEO Maven, a trilingual addition to the team who has 13 years experience in marketing technologies and who's certified in all the right techie ways by Google

We've got the skills and the experience to empower you to make this summer a smashing success! All you have to do is be ready to get started today...

Wishing you and your tea business all the best!

Lindsey Goodwin-von Trott zu Solz, Tea Guru at The Tea Mavens
Connie savoring the Pacific Northwest in spring

Connie savoring the Pacific Northwest in spring


So, what's Summer Sales Superstar all about, anyway?

The problem: Whether or not you're ready to face the cold, hard numbers, there's a high likelihood that you're on your way to a serious sales decline. It's a yearly phenomenon for many a tea business. Customers travel in summer. They leave their normal routines behind in favor of outings and staycations. They eschew the heat of the kitchen. And they pick up an iced tea on the go instead of brewing at home every day or (gasp!) they switch to colas, juices, smoothies, beer and other chilled drinks instead of drinking tea. What's a tea business to do?

The solution: Luckily, you don't have to suffer through the annual summer sales slump AGAIN. We're here to empower you to make the change with targeted strategies, coaching and support BEFORE the slump even has a chance to THINK about rearing its ugly head in 2017.

Summer Sales Superstar

Summer Sales Superstar includes:

  • a 90-minute strategy session with Lindsey & Tiffany to determine your company's top three-to-five areas of focus for maximizing summer sales
  • ample email support for THREE WEEKS after our call*
  • a 90-minute Google AdWords coaching session with Connie to get more new customers (and to keep them coming back again and again this summer!)
  • A PDF of must-know digital marketing terms to improve your odds of summer success
  • A checklist for secured summer success, including all the points we discussed on the live call... and more!
  • PLUS a curated collection gorgeous, summery tea photos you can use in your own marketing program thanks to royalty-free licensing from The Tea Mavens

* We're talking an hour a week here! You'll be shocked just how much you can power through in three weeks with that level of strategy, guidance and accountability!

Our normal price: $1150

Your price until March 17th: Only $550

Yup, that's less than HALF the normal price. Plus, we're offering a few more juicy bonuses to get you and your business basking in the glow of your sales numbers this summer...

Here's a taste of our secret summer pinterest board, which you get access to for free when you sign up for this package!

Here's a taste of our secret summer pinterest board, which you get access to for free when you sign up for this package!

Three seriously juicy bonuses:

1. The first three people to book get a free 90-minute mini-intensive coaching call with Lindsey (valued at $525). This is the perfect opportunity to address issues like target market clarity. Woo hoo!

2. One random buyer gets $100 in Google AdWords credit. This gets more eyes on your brand and increases your sales into summer and beyond!

3. Five random buyers get a $550 Tea Mavens voucher for any digital marketing, consulting or coaching package over $2500. Yup, that's the same as the price of this package! It pays for itself in the sales it brings in and then AGAIN when you redeem your voucher.

Actually, let's just pause this for a second here. 'Cause we know that bonus #3 sounds kind of unbelievable... and because we just lied to you. That's right. We just willfully, intentionally mislead you. The thing you need to know here is that there are actually FOUR seriously juicy bonuses!

This last one was going to be for just a few select purchasers, but when technical issues blocked a number of tea pros from the call, we decided to make one more bonus available to EVERYONE who signs up for this package. Oh, yes, we just did that. Everyone who purchases Summer Sales Superstar also gets an on-trend secret Pinterest board full of tea drinks, tea foods and tea travels for summer sales inspiration AND action. As you can see from the little preview above, these are gorgeous images that are sure to inspire you, your marketing strategy and (ultimately) your CUSTOMERS this summer! That's not even including the royalty-free images, which are a whole other package perk. This is a seriously loaded package with everything YOU need to survive and thrive the summer months.

Remember, this offer is only available until March 17th, and the sooner you book, the more likely it is that you get one of those three limited bonus coaching packages! (Again, to make up for the technical difficulties, EVERYONE who purchases gets the secret Pinspiration board!)


The Tea Mavens have guided the strategic decisions, organizational structures and even day-to-day operations of tea endeavors as different in scale as mom-and-pop shops and Lipton, and as different in purpose and vision as online tea vendors and a non-profit tea education center. And now, we're extending an invitation to you to join the many who have said YES and never looked back.

What people are saying about The Tea Mavens' work

Here are just a few of our client testimonials:

Jesse Jabobs, Samovar Tea Lounge

Jesse Jabobs, Samovar Tea Lounge

In the nine years I’ve known her, Lindsey has shown herself to be incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and great to work with.
Tiffany is an incredibly talented marketer. I was thrilled to work with her... She provided rich marketing direction.
— L.D.C., Vancouver, Canada
[Lindsey] knows how to ask the right questions, listens carefully in order to meet my needs and vision, and is always flexible with making changes along the way.
Libby Gibson

Libby Gibson

I must say that Connie has been a life saver and a pleasure to work with. If not for her, I would have thrown in the towel a while ago. And believe me when I say that I am not easily impressed but Connie has impressed me multiple times :D
— Jimmy L.
David Barenholz, American Tea Room

David Barenholz, American Tea Room

Lindsey is one of the most knowledgeable people in the tea business... [She has] an integrity level that is unsurpassed.
Connie helped me create a meditation and wellness blog in French from start to finish; a blog which has the objective to be transformed into a website over time. She continues to help me with the evolution of my project. She motivates me and gives me advice and direction. Connie always responds fast and efficiently to all my questions and requests (no matter how basic or challenging they may be) with great advice. She is a professional who truly listens and quickly adapts to others’ needs and demands. She is efficient, fast, and competent and I strongly recommend her.
— Virginie M.
Heidi Kyser

Heidi Kyser

Lindsey’s professional approach, combined with her constructive honesty in our meetings, made her a priceless collaborator. The deal was sweetened by her good humor and reliability; I genuinely liked working with her.
Working with The Tea Mavens has been the best decision we’ve made for our business... My favorite thing about working with them is letting them do what they do best.
Thomas Egbert (and family), Fusion teas

Thomas Egbert (and family), Fusion teas

Are YOU ready to make 2017 your strongest summer yet and to claim your role as a SUMMER SALES SUPERSTAR?

Book your package by March 17th and get ready for some serious successes this summer! Remember, the sooner you sign up, the higher your chances are for a free, one-on-one coaching session with Lindsey! 

Summer Sales Superstar
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