Social media marketing has the potential to be one of the biggest time- and money-sucks for any specialty food company. It also has the potential to build your customer base, increase customer loyalty, create mega-fans/brand ambassadors, get your brand press coverage and increase your bottom line. It all depends on how you do it!

Until now, there has never been a comprehensive social media training program for specialty food brands.

Based on over a decade of experience in marketing specialty foods and beverages, two members of The Tea Mavens have created a detailed program to empower you and your food brand to succeed on all the social media platforms that matter right now.

During your 30-day training program, you'll be guided through all the ins and outs of social media for food businesses using tools that make success easy, including:

  • videos,

  • guided action-steps,

  • case studies,

  • sample images,

  • downloadable templates,

  • an end-of-course quiz,

  • accountability check-ins,

  • and more!

Knowing exactly what to do and how to do it has never been so easy for food professionals as it is now, with this 30-day training program. With it, you can...

Choose & Use Social Media Platforms Wisely

In this 30-day training program, we lay out all the social media platforms you need to know about. You'll find out:

  • which social media platforms matter, so you can focus your time and effort intelligently

  • which social-like websites to use (e.g., Yelp), so you can promote your business with minimal effort and maximum impact

  • best practices for each platform, so you know EXACTLY what to do at each step of the way

  • how to use each platform wisely, so you can send out the right content in the right way for increased sales and a bigger fan base

  • when to advertise and how to use online ads across multiple platforms effectively, so you can increase your brand's reach without wasting your precious money and time on bad ads and the wrong platforms

  • and more!

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Communicate Masterfully Online

We also teach how to communicate with customers and fans online. You'll learn:

Food has always been social. Only the venue has changed!

Food has always been social. Only the venue has changed!

Get out of the dark & step into center-stage!

Get out of the dark & step into center-stage!

  • how to find your brand voice, so you can quickly and easily write targeted posts that connect with your audience

  • how to engage with your audience, so you're seen and heard by more people without ever feeling like you're yelling into a void

  • how to think and market visually, so you can captivate your audience and get them sharing your branded content

  • what to post (and what not to post!), so that you can get the likes, shares, follows and sales you desire and develop a lifestyle brand around your company WITHOUT alienating your customers

  • how to deal with sensitive topics, so you don't end up getting trolled, riling up the masses or ending up in a PR disaster

  • how to use hashtags effectively, so you can leverage trends without looking like a hanger-on

  • how to respond to customer complaints on social in a way that INCREASES your company's credibility and likability (without starting a Twitter war!)

  • how to use direct messages, private messages and replies when customers ask you a question, so you can engage with people appropriately on a one-on-one basis and know when to do it publicly or privately

  • how to give your social media marketing a more human feel, so that fans connect more deeply with your brand, keep coming back for more and spread the brand love (without a single 'TMI' post!)

  • and more!

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Plan for Success with Must-Know Strategies

We guide you through how to implement strategies for success on social media. You'll discover:

Make social media your jam!

Make social media your jam!

  • how to schedule your posts, so you can save time and energy, plus have all your marketing bases covered

  • how to ABI (Always Be Innovating), so that you can keep your social media channels original, compelling and always getting more views

  • which specialty food brands and resources to look to for inspiration, so you NEVER run out of fresh ideas for your own social media marketing strategy

  • how to get influencers to promote your brand for you, so you can reach thousands more people in no time... without wasting time and money with the wrong influencer outreach approaches

  • how to use contests & giveaways to get hype, build your brand's reach and get new followers

  • how to use video effectively and why video is a MUST for your social media success

  • and more!

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Master the Details of Social Media Strategy

And we reveal the details that add richness and sophistication to any social media strategy, including:

  • how to use color, filters, images from stock photo sites, social influencers' images and branded photoshoots, so you always have gorgeous, eye-catching images on hand

  • the optimal times to schedule posts for each platform, whether you're B2B or B2C, so you get optimized clicks and engagement without extra work

  • how to use a brand-new social media tool, so you can educate and engage customers with ease... and get 2-3x the open and click rates of email!

  • where other food companies have failed, so you can avoid their mistakes

  • how to use ads and boosted posts for increased visibility, engagement and sales

  • how to get more positive reviews online, so you can bring in more customers

  • how to get print media & TV coverage thanks to social media

  • how to make social media scheduling and monitoring a natural part of your schedule, so you can keep engagement up sustainably without a lot of effort

  • and more!

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What if I don't like the program?

We offer a 10-day money-back guarantee! No hassle, no fuss. Simply unsubscribe and let us know you want a refund. It's that simple.

I'm already busy. Will I have time?

For your business to succeed without delegating social media to a professional, you don't have time to NOT do this! Social media is a MUST these days, but without the right strategy, you'll waste time with the wrong posts, the wrong platforms, the wrong strategies, the wrong post times, the wrong responses to complaints, the wrong way to do contests (ending up with with major online hatred in some cases!) or even without a social media presence at all. Yikes! Plus, when you aren't clear on what to do and how to do it, you're far more likely to waste time doing nothing in particular on social. Sound familiar? You need this!

I run a small specialty food business. Is this for me?

Absolutely! This program was developed specifically for businesses like yours. It trains you to maximize the efficacy of your time and money in social media marketing. It teaches you to manage your social media like a pro over the course of only one month. And it includes plenty of up-to-date, specialty-food-centric examples for inspiration!

Can't I just learn this through reading a book or some articles online?

You could pick up some of this content through detailed research and reading. However, you'd miss out on quite a few of the specific lessons we've learned over the years through working with dozens of specialty food brands and you'd be lacking the specific examples we share in case studies and in lists of food brands to look toward for inspiration on each platform.

Plus, let's be real! You know that blog articles on similar topics exist, but you haven't acted upon them already. You can't get the accountability this program provides through reading, and accountability is what you need to go from wishing you had your social media in order to making it function smoothly and get you the sales you want. This program keeps you on track for social media mastery in a mere 30 days... something that a little online research and a new book can't even come CLOSE to doing!

Can you guarantee that this will work for my business?

Let's be real. Only YOU can guarantee that you'll follow the lessons and implement what you learn. However, we do offer a 10-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren't feeling the program by Day 10, you can unsubscribe and get a refund. And we've seen these exact approaches work for brands that range from high-end luxury to homestyle eats.

What if I don't want to subscribe over Facebook Messenger?

We don't offer an alternative at this time. We find that the Messenger platform allows for a more interactive approach to learning that gets you directly involved in the material. Plus, if you're concerned about using Messenger, then this program probably isn't for you!

That said, there's nothing to worry about. We keep your info as private as is possible over Facebook. We don't share or sell it. And you can unsubscribe at any time if you want to stop receiving the course materials for any reason.

Start your month of social mastery today!

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