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Tea is not just a beverage.

It’s an elixir of health. It’s a bringer of delight. It’s a way of life.


And here at The Tea Mavens, we recognize that there are many areas outside the tea industry that need our help. (We’re talking to all ya’ll in the wellness world, hospitality business and cosmetics companies out there!)

Here's what one non-tea client has to say about our work:

“In under six hours of researching a major sourcing decision, Lindsey saved us more than $10,000 and many hours of work. Her years of accumulated contacts and knowledge are priceless.”

— Andy Swenson, Dietary Supplement Experts


Whether you’re formulating a beauty product with tea as an ingredient, looking for the perfect signature tea blend for your brand or improving the quality of in-room tea offerings at your hotel, we’re the people to go to for informed, inspired guidance.

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