Tea business mentorship

The Tea Mavens' Tea Guru has the targeted expertise you and your business need to save yourself and your business enormous amounts of time and money.

She's handled sourcing decisions, tea room buildouts, branding shifts and far more with tea clients ranging from startups to international supermarket staples.

Digital marketing services

With more than 21 years of combined experience in the tea industry, Lindsey and Tiffany know just how to improve your marketing strategies.

The results? Increased sales, more customers, improved customer loyalty and (best of all) more ‘you time’ freed up.

Social media services & training

Does all that tweeting and pinning and liking just make you feel tired? Or have you put off social media so long that it’s a joke 'round the office? Either way, we’re here to make it all better, post by blessed post.


Our tea business services empower you to radically transform your tea business and your life.

Plus, we’re the world's ONLY freelance team that brings this level of expertise, insight and know-how to the tea industry. So you can feel confident that we’ll get the job done and get it done right.

Ease and efficacy all in one firm.

Long-neglected projects on their way to completion in just a few clicks.

Select the service your tea company needs most and begin on your path to a stronger tea business today!


Cupping & copywriting services

One of the deadliest mistakes a tea brand can make is to have boring copy! We vow to engage, excite, educate and entice your customers with our expert tea copywriting (and to improve your SEO while we’re at it).

Design services

Our art director and designers have worked with multinational brands to convey their messages and increase their sales. Have them do the same for your tea business and let the sales pour in!

Drink recipe development

Two of the tea world's best-known tastemakers develop customized, innovative drink recipes around your best-selling teas.

You get a press-friendly, Instagram-ready way to drive new customers to your business and keep them coming back for more...


Food business services

Are you a chef, restaurateur, cafe or coffee shop owner, chocolatier, craft beer brewer, recipe creator, professional food writer or other food professional looking for some solid, unbiased tea guidance? Click here and look no further, my friend. You have found your tea people.

Services for other industries

We work with hoteliers, cosmetics companies and others to source the best teas for your needs, formulate tea-related products and get your signature tea products custom made. Learn more about what we do.


Learn how we empower tea pros to succeed...

Our tea business services empower you to radically transform your tea business and your life. Are you ready for a first start or a fresh start? The Tea Mavens have got you covered. Whether you want to:

  • Achieve confidence and success through tea business coaching,

  • Have a pro handle your social media and digital marketing so you can focus on what really matters to you,

  • Get your outdated brand overhauled to reflect what a dynamic, innovative company you really are,

  • Or have a custom video produced to show customers what makes you unique…

… we're your go-to team! (And all without the hassle of training a new employee or hiring that weird, teenaged social media person your cousin recommended.)