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Your customers get it in person. When you're selling tea, it's the perfect blend—your products, your personality, your passion for tea—they all come together just right.

But your copywriting is another story altogether! Writing everything yourself feels more wheel-spinning than actual copywriting (What should I write? What do I say about it? How do I sell this tea without the person on the other end seeing, smelling or tasting it?) and handing it all off to that freelancer on Upwork was a total disaster.

So do you delegate or DIY? Neither seems sustainable at this point. You've neglected your best sellers' web pages and your blog for too long, you've spent too many hours getting pretty much nothing accomplished on social media, and your printed materials are just not as good at winning the sale as your face-to-face interactions. There must be a way you can present your brand and your teas effectively, efficiently and passionately, a way that you can write copy that sells tea while you sleep (or take that much-needed vacation)...

Lindsey, the tea guru at The tea Mavens

Lindsey, the tea guru at The tea Mavens

Hi, I'm Lindsey Goodwin-von Trott zu Solz, the #1 English-language tea copywriter in the world. When I started off as a tea entrepreneur in 2007, my website launched to nothing but the sound of crickets in the distance. I'd written all the basics for my website that I knew I needed, but no one was buying.

So, what did I do? First, I panicked! I started staying up past midnight writing blog posts, social media posts and articles to improve my SEO and get my brand out there. I woke up in the middle of the night with ideas for improvements. I skipped meals to work, all with the goal of getting more eyes on my site and increasing sales. I worked 80+ hours a week on a regular basis. It was grueling.

And, sure, eventually it worked. With the right combination of content creation, ad campaigns and social media strategy, my sales swelled and my Google rankings jumped to the first page for some content, and to the #1 spot for other content! I was ecstatic (and incredibly relieved... I could finally take time off every now and then!).

Then, I found that other tea companies were almost as excited about my results as I was. My FAQs from tea vendors at conventions and other industry events suddenly included, "Could you do that for my site?" In the years that followed, I wrote tea copy for numerous industry leaders. From packaging to social media and "About Us" pages to press releases, I wrote it all!

During that decade, I learned what works and what doesn't, learned to write effective copy without stress or drama, learned to schedule my content creation in advance for minimal input and maximum impact, and (above all) transformed copywriting from something that terrified tea professionals to something that effortlessly sold tea for them (even while they were on vacation).

These days, I run a thriving business, delegate copy for my own business to others as needed and watch my clients' sales soar when they implement the copy I provide for them.

But here's the thing you need to know, tea pro. You don't have to spend a decade as a tea copywriter to see the increase in sales that my clients see. You don't even have to go through the drama of delegating your copywriting when you still aren't clear on what you need. I've made every mistake you can think of when it comes to writing tea copy so that YOU don't have to! And now, I'm ready to share my secrets for sales-inducing tea copy with you, in a 30-day copywriting course that will change the way you think about, plan and produce content for your business forever.

During the last decade, I've written tea copy for numerous tea companies, including:


I've written social media campaigns, tea descriptions, printed menus, blog posts, web copy, press releases, brand books / style guides, staff training materials, investor decks and more. I've increased follows and likes, won over more sales than I can even begin to measure, tantalized taste buds, gotten the word out, vastly improved SEO, made copywriting easy to delegate to anyone with basic writing skills, trained hundreds of staff members (without meeting a single one), snagged investors... the list goes on and on, because powerful copywriting is just that: POWERFUL.

And you can use powerful copywriting to do all that (and more) for your business, too, without the years of honing your skills that I took, and without the drama and sluggish pace of doing things (or NOT doing things, for those of you blocked writers!) the way you are now.

During our 30 days of copywriting transformation, you will:

+ get clear on your brand's style and tone

+ forget what you think you 'should' write and instead write what you NEED to write for the success of your business

+ see copywriting as the powerful marketing tool that it is... and harness that power for increased sales

+ overcome indecision to write clickable headlines and juicy copy that wins the sale

+ learn to write effective ad copy

+ ask me anything about tea copywriting

+ benefit from my years of work as the #1 tea copywriter in the world

+ write copy faster and more effectively than ever

+ get customized feedback on your progress throughout the program

+ overcome blocks, fears and inaction

+ sell teas with ease, thanks to great copy

+ create (and meet!) clear goals for your content calendar and your business

+ present your brand in the best possible light

+ post on social media with confidence

+ get better Google rankings than ever before

+ model your tea descriptions after ones written specifically for your brand by the tea industry's #1 copywriter

+ write an email opt-in page that increases your email list size dramatically

+ format and write email copy for newsletters and other emails with ease and effectiveness

+ follow a step-by-step guide to copywriting and content creation for the next three months

+ know the ins-and-outs of writing tea descriptions, blog and social posts, newsletters, and other web / print content... AND get practice writing them under my coaching

+ prepare for our work together in a way that maximizes the value of this package

+ be off and running with your copy before the end of our 30 days together

+ stop reinventing the wheel

+ learn when to delegate and when to DIY

+ be ready to hand off copywriting to staff or freelancers whenever you want, whether it's for an evening off, for a vacation or forever!

+ know WHAT you need to write and HOW it benefits your business

Here's what some of my clients are saying about how my copywriting expertise has impacted their tea businesses and their lives:

From packaging to website content, Lindsey has handled numerous
projects for Samovar. Her input has been full of passion,
and she was a joy to work with...

I fully recommend working with Lindsey.
— Jesse Jacobs, Founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco, California
One of Lindsey’s great gifts is her way with words.
She took the transient flavours and sensations of our complex teas
and translated them into engaging, accurate and compelling words.

We were stuck with what to write on our packaging before
Lindsey alleviated the stress by translating fleeting moments into solid branding.
— Holly Helt, Founder of Chiki Tea, Japan
I can’t even begin to estimate the hours of joyless work
and amount of stress I’ve saved myself
by working with The Tea Mavens for the last three years.

By handing off tasks that I don’t enjoy
or (in some cases) just don’t excel at,
I’m able to focus on what I really love,
and that enthusiasm and drive really shows in my sales numbers!

With their help, we’ve expanded my part-time, side-business job
into a full-time dream career.
— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion Teas, Texas
Lindsey is a brilliant writer who knows
what the readers she writes for need to know
before they do.
— Heidi Kyser, writer and editor, Las Vegas, Nevada (formerly of World Tea Media)
Lindsey has excellent verbal and written skills
and an integrity level that is unsurpassed.
— David Barenholz, CEO of American Tea Room, Los Angeles, California
I have known Lindsey for over a decade,
and can attest to the fact that she’s one of
the most knowledgeable, and prolific, tea writers in the country.

With a journalistic spirit and constant investigative attitude,
Lindsey has provided thorough research,
deep dives of information on the industry,
and many hours of analysis on my company’s behalf.

We have also been able to utilize her marketing writing skills
for product descriptions, to great effect...

We look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Winnie Yu, Director of Teance Fine Teas, Berkeley, California

Are you saying, "Yes, I need that for my business!" right now?

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Are you a details person?

Here are the deets on what you get when you purchase this package:

+ 30 days unlimited email support

+ a 90-minute deep-dive starter session

+ 4 weekly, 45-minute coaching calls

+ cupping of and copy for 5 teas

+ a welcome packet

+ 4 modules: 1) tea description copywriting 2) social media copywriting 3) blog / guest article writing 4) other print / web copywriting

+ co-creation of a content calendar

+ co-creation of a brand book

+ a glossary of content terms

+ a checklist of social media DOs

Are you ready to make your job and your life easier?

Are you ready to know when to write copy yourself and when to delegate without worry?

Are you ready to write killer copy that wins more sales?

Are you ready to see your search engine rankings soar?

If you're saying YES to these questions, then purchase this package NOW.

Or you could just go back to the way things are. You could keep putting off the content creation that you know could increase your sales. You could make do with mediocre copy that leaves you doing twice as much work as you need to just to keep your business where it is now. You could try delegating again without making any changes in how you delegate first (hint: it wasn't just that you got a bad apple last time!). You could stay in overwhelm and drama rather than simply taking the steps to craft great copy. And you could passively watch as your business takes a beating from the ones who have their copywriting act together. I don't recommend it, but it certainly is an option, if that's what you're into!

Rather than to all THAT, purchase Master Your Message and get going on great copy for your tea business today. When you purchase, you'll receive instructions for scheduling our first call and a detailed Welcome Package to get you prepared to uplevel your copy game in just 30 days.

Write Expert Copy & Sell More Tea Starting TODAY!

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1. I already have [basic web copy, social media, etc.] in place. Is this package still for me?

Absolutely! Each package is focused around your business's needs. If you're ready to improve the efficacy of your copy and to write copy like a pro 30 days from now, then this is just what you need.

2. Do I need to be a good writer to do this program?

Nope! Good writers are made, not born. In fact, there isn't much that's special about me that made me the #1 tea copywriter in the world. It's just a matter of knowing how to do it and then doing it!

3. How much time will this program take for me to complete?

Our calls will take an average of 90 minutes a week (including your bonus calls with Tiffany, Ada and Connie). The rest depends on how quickly you work and how quickly you are able to overcome your fears about writing great copy. It's already in you. It depends how long it takes you to get it out on the page!

4. What does 'unlimited email support' include?

You can email me with your documents as questions as often as you need. I provide detailed feedback on your work and answers to your questions. Keep in mind that having a good start elicits clearer feedback and that solid questions beget solid answers... beyond that, the level of communication is up to you!

5. Can I spread the package out over [2 months, 3 months, etc.]?

Nope! Part of what makes working with a coach so effective is the ACCOUNTABILITY that comes with it. In this program, you will be held accountable for completing modules on time and getting your materials in on time for copy editing and feedback.

6. Can I delegate copy to staff / freelancers during the program?

Yup, sure can! Once we've established your brand book / style book, delegating copywriting will become easier than you ever imagined it could be, and this is a great time to test out your chosen writer's work.

7. Can I use this program to write something specific that I've had on the back burner for waaaaay too long?

Within reason, sure. We can get that press release done. Ditto for the 20-page staff training manual. Probably not your tea memoir, though! That's gonna take longer. ;)

Still have questions?

Schedule a free, 45-minute discovery call to talk about what it's like to work with me. We'll talk about whether this is the right package for you and get a feel for what it's like to collaborate. By the end of the call, you'll be fully prepared to make a decision on whether or not you are prepared to make changes on your copy this month. No more mulling it over... it's now or never!


PS—This price is only available through October 15th! Get it while it lasts...

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