Are you ready to have your tea business's best fiscal year yet...

AND make your life easier in the process?

For the first time ever, tea professionals have the opportunity to get the business services they need, all in one place. And at the center of it all? Tea business coaching.


Prepare to have your tea business AND your life transformed

through world-class tea business coaching from The Tea Mavens' Tea Guru, Lindsey.


It all begins with a decision to transform. A decision to want to increase sales (by as much as 50% year-over-year, as some of our clients have). To want to save yourself countless hours of work you loathe (as many of our clients do). And to want to love your business and your life again (as we all can—with the right guidance!).

And you have to make that decision on your own. Do you want to grow? Do you want to change? Are you ready to transform?

If so, you're in the right place, my tea friend...


If you're reading this page, then you have most likely suffered from burnout or are dangerously close to it.

You're not alone. In fact, I see tea professionals suffering through burnout all the time. Perhaps you'll identify with some of these statements that new clients have made over the years:

  • Starting a tea business sounded like such a good idea. All my friends told me to go for it! Now, I just don't know...
  • I can barely sleep at night. I stay up worrying about all this debt and how my business isn't growing like I thought it would. How did things get so bad?
  • I'm exhausted and overwhelmed. I wish I could just hand my business over to someone else.
  • If I knew then what I know now... Knowing about tea is one thing. Running a tea business is another!
  • My relationship is suffering. My friends think I'm a real jerk. And what I am getting out of all this work? Sweet nothin', it seems.
  • I work and work and work every day... and all I have to show for it is debt and misery and a long to-do list for tomorrow.
  • I feel like I'm running in circles. There's just SO MUCH to do and I just can't do it anymore.

I get it. Really, I do. I've been there, too! And after pulling myself out of the interminable misery known as 'burnout,' I came back to help others find their ways back to a love of tea and a love of their work again. These days, I work with tea businesses pros to:

Lindsey Appreciating Oolong Tea, 2009

Lindsey Appreciating Oolong Tea, 2009

  • define specific goals and collaborate to determine how to reach them
  • work efficiently and effectively
  • implement simple methods of measurement to more effectively manage the business's resources
  • identify what's working and what isn't
  • focus in on what really matters for their success
  • determine what needs to be outsourced or automated (and how it's best done)
  • guide leaders out of their ruts and into a success mindset and a goal-oriented lifestyle
  • end needless debt, worry and stress
  • win over investors
  • grow sales by up to 50% year-over-year
  • improve employee productivity, retention and satisfaction
  • acquire new customers (wholesale and retail)
  • increase consumer satisfaction and retention
  • find purpose and joy in their work again

Only until January 31st, we're offering our three-month Business Booster Pack coaching program at 25% off the normal price. It includes hours of one-on-one coaching with the original tea business coach (Lindsey), plus bonuses to help you uplevel your business and your life along the way.

Sound like the turnaround you and your business need? Schedule a free, 45-minute discovery call with me today!

Lindsey in Taiwan, 2012

Lindsey in Taiwan, 2012

Lindsey in India, 2011

Lindsey in India, 2011

A personal note from The Tea Mavens' Tea Guru, Lindsey Goodwin:

Hey there, fellow tea pro!

In the last 11 years, I've done a lot of tea work that I loved. I also went through an awful lot of difficulties so that you don't have to, too. For example, I:

  • flew more transoceanic and red-eye flights than I care to remember
  • rode a motorcycle through two typhoons in Taiwan (and fried my laptop in the process)
  • dealt with six @#$% months of bureaucracy, travel delays, beggars, hawkers, harassment and general hassle in India to research chai, tea production and organic / Fair Trade tea
  • had the unfortunate experience of visiting some of the world's most disgusting restrooms in China, India and elsewhere
  • apprenticed for some rather kooky characters for more than two years just to get the low-down on healing traditions in tea and herbalism
  • got lost in Tokyo (visiting a tea master), Paris (French tea blending research), rural Austria (herb research) and rural Taiwan (oolong production research)
  • lectured groups of up to 250 people around the world about tea, and answered lengthy Q&As afterward to learn what people really want to know about it
  • interviewed over 1,000 tea professionals around the globe about the inner workings of their businesses
  • identified and worked with numerous skilled specialists to hone my craft and up my game, including a business coach, a Google employee, two shamans, a journalism coach, a tea scientist, a tea chef and multiple tea masters
  • learned the hard way to take my business from meh to whoa!
  • found my love of tea (and work) again (after almost losing it completely)

Sure, some of it was pretty adventurous. But do you really feel like doing all that? Probably not. The good news? You don't have to. Get coached by me and I'm an open book, ready to share all the accumulated knowledge that I worked so hard to attain for more than a decade. As one client said of me, "Her years of accumulated contacts and knowledge are priceless." If you're ready to receive all that value, sign up for a free discovery call with me below. We'll dive deep into what you and your business need to succeed and set the stage for a fantastic working relationship full of collaborative growth, delightful developments and measurable business improvements.

Here's to making 2017 your best year yet!

Lindsey Goodwin, Tea Guru at The Tea Mavens

So, what's this coaching program all about, anyway?

The problem: You're burnt out, or less than a year away from it. You get that doing more of the same just won't cut it anymore, but you (rightly) see little hope of recovering on your own. Your business is generally moving forward, but not at the speed you’d like, and you need to pick up the pace, pronto. And what you've been doing? It just isn't working the way you think it should. It's time for some major outside influence!

The solution: Lindsey's here to empower you to make the change with minimal drama and maximum impact. And until the end of January, for you callers only, this high-value package is 25% off the normal price:

The Business Booster Pack

The Business Booster Pack includes:

  • a two-hour starter coaching session
  • hour-long, weekly coaching sessions for three months
  • up to three hours of additional research, as needed, for FREE
  • up to one hour of email contact, as needed, also FREE

All sessions are with Lindsey, who has worked with dozens of (now) successful tea companies. You can connect over Skype, Google Hangouts or phone—whatever's easiest for you!

Each talk centers around your business's unique needs and goals, as well as your own personal development as a business leader. This is a totally customized approach to solving your dilemmas... and to empowering you to continue solving them long after you've completed coaching from Lindsey.

We've previously seen clients increase sales by as much as 30% from one month to the next and 50% year-over-year, acquire angel investors, quantify their activities for drastic savings, and much more. These results come from a combination of Lindsey's years of experience and the accountability that coaching provides. (After all, there's a big difference between knowing you'd be wise to do something and actually doing it!)

Lindsey's clients say her services are priceless, but using her current hourly rate, we've assigned this package with a value of $4900.

Our normal price: $4700

Your price until January 31st: $3525

Our normal price with transcripts of all calls: $5250

Your 'with transcripts' price until January 31st: $4075

If you're ready to speak with Lindsey about your business's needs before January 31st to book this one-time-only deal...


Oh, and did we mention the bonuses? Yup, there are bonuses.

After you sign up, you receive four added bonuses:

Bonus 1: Free download of a tea business workbook with printable worksheets targeted at ten key ways to improve your tea business

Bonus 2: Free download of Lindsey's guide to personal upleveling, including a morning routine that will rock your days, a how-to system for creating structures that support your goal-setting (and goal-meeting), a recommended reading list for personal development and more

Bonus 3: A getting started checklist to make sure you're getting the most value possible out of our time together

Bonus 4: A questionnaire to get Lindsey up to speed on what's happening with your business (without using up your coaching time)


Here are just a few of the benefits we've already seen clients experience from working with Lindsey:

  • Saved $10,000 and countless hours of work after less than six hours of working together
  • Earned 50% more in our time working together than in the same quarter the previous year (plus increased sales on an ongoing basis)
  • Snagged angel investors
  • Delegated over a hundred hours of dreaded tasks per month and spent much of that time with loved ones instead
  • Used clear branding to market effectively and increase sales significantly
  • Cut thousands in costs... without sacrificing quality
  • Transformed from looking like a rinky-dink mom-and-pop shop to (as one client put it) looking "like a multimillion dollar company"
  • Changed marketing approaches to increase web sales by over 30% in just a few months
  • Learned to stop focusing on the small stuff and start achieving the big goals!

For years, Lindsey has been a leader in the tea industry. She's guided the strategic decisions, organizational structures and even day-to-day operations of tea endeavors as different in scale as mom-and-pop shops and Lipton, and as different in purpose and vision as online tea vendors and a non-profit tea education center. And now, she's extending an invitation to you to join the many who have said YES and never looked back.

What people are saying about Lindsey's work

Here are a few of our client testimonials from the last nine years of running a tea business services agency:

Jesse Jabobs

Jesse Jabobs

In the nine years I’ve known her, Lindsey has shown herself to be incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and great to work with.
Working with The Tea Mavens has been the best decision we’ve made for our business... I can’t even begin to estimate the hours of joyless work and amount of stress I’ve saved myself by working with The Tea Mavens for the last three years.
Thomas Egbert (and family)

Thomas Egbert (and family)

Winnie Yu

Winnie Yu

With a journalistic spirit and constant investigative attitude, Lindsey has provided thorough research, deep dives of information on the industry, and many hours of analysis on my company’s behalf.
[Lindsey] knows how to ask the right questions, listens carefully in order to meet my needs and vision, and is always flexible with making changes along the way.
Libby Gibson

Libby Gibson

Heidi Kyser

Heidi Kyser

Lindsey’s professional approach, combined with her constructive honesty in our meetings, made her a priceless collaborator. The deal was sweetened by her good humor and reliability; I genuinely liked working with her.
Lindsey is one of the most knowledgeable people in the tea business... [She has] an integrity level that is unsurpassed.
David Barenholz

David Barenholz

Are YOU ready to join the dozens of tea companies we've upleveled to transform YOUR tea business (and your life!)?

Schedule a free, 45-minute discovery call to speak with Lindsey about how The Tea Mavens can work with you and your business. Be sure to bring your questions about how our services can empower you to succeed!