If you're not SURE about your tea business, then it'll never work.

For the first time ever, we're here to help you know for SURE (one way or the other) and take action either way!


Hey, tea dreamer!

Lindsey from The Tea Mavens here.

I know your story. You're dreaming of starting a tea business. You love tea, you love sharing tea and you see an opportunity to make it your career...

But you aren't SURE. And as long as you aren't SURE about starting a tea business, it's not going to happen. You might dream and dream, without ever taking solid steps to create your business in earnest. Or you might work and work, yet not see the progress you need to make it a reality. But until you are COMMITTED to making it happen, it won't. And that's where I come in.

You see, I've seen what works. And I've seen what doesn't. I know what makes a real tea pro and what keeps the dreamers dreaming for years on end.

You're welcome to use your time dreaming of a tea business if making it real doesn't matter to you. And if you want to waste time and money getting a business started when you aren't fully committed, then go right ahead. But I'm fairly certain you don't want to do either of those things — otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this!

So I invite you to get clear and step into reality with your tea business ambitions, and from November 1st through 10th only, I'm sharing the exact thing you need to do just that.

No more wasting your time THINKING of starting a business. No more WASTING your money on a business venture that you aren't committed to making succeed. No more WORKING at something that just plain won't work.

It's time to make a clear decision about your entrepreneurial tea venture NOW. Find out how...


Lindsey Goodwin-von Trott

Founder & Tea Business Mentor, The Tea Mavens


What's an Entrepreneurial Assessment?

An Entrepreneurial Assessment is an opportunity for you to stop considering starting a tea business and to make a clear decision about whether or not you've got the stuff to make it real.

During your one-on-one Entrepreneurial Assessment with Lindsey, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • hone your 'elevator pitch' so that you're prepared to convey your vision, your mission and your company's function in the world clearly, passionately and successfully

  • see whether you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in a congested market, so that you don't waste your time, money and energy if you aren't cut out for running a tea business AND so that you can proceed confidently if you do have what it takes

  • make a confident decision about whether the entrepreneurship is the right career path for you, so you won't ever be left wondering "What if...?"

  • get clear on your business model now, so that you can invest in your business wisely without wasting time and money on thwarted or misguided efforts

  • know NOW what stands between your current plan and your success, so that you can prepare for the challenges without unnecessary (and unpleasant) surprises later

  • maximize the chances of success for your business and for yourself, so you can start your business with the confidence you need to succeed

  • let go of what's holding you back, so that you can start your tea business without fear or procrastination

  • get answers to your burning questions on whether this plan will work, without relying on your friends, family and other 'cheerleaders' for their (unprofessional and inexperienced) perspectives

  • create your ideal version of success in your tea business—on your own terms!


Here's what a few of our clients are saying about working with Lindsey:

Jesse Jacobs of Samovar Tea Lounge

Jesse Jacobs of Samovar Tea Lounge

Winnie Yu of Teance

Winnie Yu of Teance

“Her input has been full of passion, and she was a joy to work with... I fully recommend working with Lindsey.

— Jesse Jacobs, Founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco, California


“In under six hours of researching a major sourcing decision, Lindsey saved us more than $10,000 and many hours of work. Her years of accumulated contacts and knowledge are priceless."

— Andy Swenson, Dietary Supplement Experts


I have known Lindsey for over a decade, and can attest to the fact that she's one of the most knowledgeable, and prolific, tea writers in the country."

— Winnie Yu, Director of Teance Fine Teas, Berkeley, California


“[Lindsey] knows how to ask the right questions, listens carefully in order to meet my needs and vision, and is always flexible with making changes along the way.”

— Libby Gibson, tea business owner, Canada

David Barenholz, American Tea Room

David Barenholz, American Tea Room


“Lindsey is one of the most knowledgeable people in the tea business.

— David Barenholz, CEO of American Tea Room, Los Angeles, California


“Lindsey's professional approach, combined with her constructive honesty in our meetings, made her a priceless collaborator. The deal was sweetened by her good humor and reliability; I genuinely liked working with her.”

— Heidi Kyser, writer and editor, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Egbert Family, Fusion Teas

The Egbert Family, Fusion Teas

I can't even begin to estimate the hours of joyless work and amount of stress I've saved myself by working with The Tea Mavens for the last three years...

With their help, we've expanded my part-time, side-business job into a full-time dream career. Working with The Tea Mavens has been the best decision we've made for our business."

— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion Teas, Texas


Lindsey has been a tea professional since 2005. Over the years, she has worked with numerous tea and specialty food brands, including:

  • Samovar Tea Lounge

  • Teance Fine Teas

  • American Tea Room

  • Fusion Teas

  • World Tea Expo / World Tea News

  • Lipton / UNILEVER

  • Takeya USA

  • Chiki Teas

  • Global Tea Hut

  • In Pursuit of Tea

  • Foodzie

Lindsey on a Tea Trip in New York in 2009

Lindsey on a Tea Trip in New York in 2009

Lindsey and her team have empowered tea businesses to:

  • dramatically increase year-over-year sales (doubling and even tripling YOY numbers!)

  • boost online sales by 40% in just 1 month

  • save over $10,000 and many hours of work in less time than your intensive together will take

  • get media coverage in a variety of print, web and TV outlets

  • rebrand from concept to consumer

  • standardize staff training methodologies for increased sales, improved quality, decreased costs and faster, more effective staff training

  • acquire high-level investors so they can take their tea businesses to new levels

  • go from 'just an idea' to a thriving tea company

  • and more...

These companies are run by people just like you.

They aren't superhuman. Their lives aren't perfect, and neither are their businesses. But their leadership within the tea industry and the success of their businesses is largely dependent on one thing:

They know when to reach out for expertise and support instead of trying to muddle through everything on their own!

You are ready to step into success. And, just like them, you can do it when you get the expertise you need to thrive.

Be real:

You need results for your tea company now!

And the best way to get them is with a personalized, one-on-one destination intensive with Lindsey.

Get ready to fly...


Why YOU Need a Destination Intensive with Lindsey This Year:

For a minute, forget about what other people are saying. Forget about their results. And instead, start your process of diving deep right now.

Get clear on your intentions for your tea business.

You want growth. You want to be an innovator in the world of tea. You want success and you want it NOW.

And you recognize that you can't always go it alone. Sure, you've done a stellar job in so many ways so far. But there are some pieces that have been left unfinished (and, worse yet, some pieces that have remained UNSTARTED) for too long now! And you're ready to go for it with the passion and drive that you know you're capable of. You just need the support of an internationally trained, highly specialized tea pro to make it happen. You need:

  • laser-sharp coaching from someone with 12 years of experience in pro-level tea research around the globe, so that you can go from meh to marvelous in your tea business

  • insights gathered from over 1,000 interviews with tea pros and visits to tea shops, cafes, farms and factories from San Francisco to San Lin Xi, so that you can get ahead of the curve, tastefully integrate international influences into your business and access ideas and methods you've never even heard of before

  • time management and productivity hacks that top leaders across industries use to optimize their time and energy use, so that you can work more effectively than ever before, without sacrificing your quality of life... in fact, you can learn to work and live MORE joyfully instead!

  • marketing and business strategy sessions with a tea pro who has seen it all, so that you can reach more customers, retain more customers and sell tea more easily

  • specific steps to get from where you are to where you want to be in your business, so that you can actually follow through with it rather than getting overwhelmed or getting lost along the way

  • follow-up and accountability in the weeks after our session together, so that you have everything you need to succeed in our strategies

Get inspired to shine in the city where serious creativity meets enormous profits

Get inspired to shine in the city where serious creativity meets enormous profits

What you get when you register for your intensive...

Your one-on-one coaching intensive centers around a day of laser-focused coaching from Lindsey. However, it begins long before your big day...

Your customized, one-on-one coaching intensive begins with your decision to take drastic steps in your tea business. It begins with your intention to transform from where you are to where you aspire to be and beyond.

When you sign up for a one-on-one intensive in Los Angeles with Lindsey, you get a detailed welcome packet. In the packet, you'll find everything you need to know to be fully prepared for an (intense!) coaching intensive for your tea business. You'll also get prepared for deep work on your business and yourself during our intensive as you fill out the welcome packet with your specific business needs, lifestyle desires, blocks, successes and questions.

Prior to your intensive, Lindsey will pour over your returned welcome packet and study up on you and your business. This facilitates an intensely focused use of your time and skips past all the preliminary questions that take up time in so many other coaches' sessions, so that you get far more out of your time with Lindsey.

Before you arrive in LA, you'll get a digital download of the top foodie spots in Los Angeles and how you can use them in social media and newsletters, so that you can use your trip to position yourself as an industry expert to your customers, keep your current customers engaged via email and get new customers over social media.

When you arrive for your intensive, you'll be welcomed into a gorgeous Los Angeles bungalow. There, you'll find everything you need for a day of focused work on the big picture behind your tea business:

  • a beautiful, tranquil setting with an inspiring view

  • everything you'd want in a professional setting (high-speed WiFi, markers and poster-sized paper for brainstorming and strategizing, a laptop for any necessary research and for recording our session for you to review it later, etc.)

  • everything you need to do deep inner work (comfortable seating, beautiful surroundings, outdoor space for fresh air to refresh the mind between deep dives, etc.)

  • an on-site assistant to bring refreshments, run any necessary errands, etc., as needed

  • your tea business coach, Lindsey, ready to find the solutions for your business with you

  • and, of course, plenty of delicious tea!


You'll begin with a brief, grounding tea ceremony in which you will solidify your intention for the intensive. From there, you'll quickly address the primary issues you want to resolve during your time together, both prioritizing them and determining our approach for the day, so that you'll have an overall structure for the day and we can use your time in the way that is of best service to you and your business.

Post-tea, you'll have the option to enjoy freshly-made local delicacies as you begin your first deep dive. Depending on the flow for the day, this will either be a strategy session (think: whiteboard-style brainstorming and planning) or an inner work session (think: transformational coaching rooted in fierce compassion).

Following the first 90-minute session, you'll enjoy a gourmet lunch on-site. (After all, there's no reason for you to eat anything less than fantastic food while in Los Angeles!) Depending on your preference, this can be a working lunch (You ARE an intense tea pro!) or a break / social lunch (This intensive is intense already!).

After lunch, you'll share another 90-minute, deep-dive coaching session, followed by refreshments (ahem, more tea!) and then review your discoveries and strategies, find ways for you to be held accountable in following through with your plans, and create closure around our session.

You'll walk away with a pen drive holding an audio recording of our intensive, our poster-sized notes, a selection of tasty local treats for you to enjoy... and, of course, the knowledge, skills and strategies you need for your business!

Personalized 1-Day LA Intensive
2,500.00 3,500.00
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Level Up in one of the world's most culinary & creative cities

Level Up in one of the world's most culinary & creative cities

Ready to go from California dreaming to making your dreams a reality? Book now for the BONUSES!

Business travel never tasted so good as it does with our guide to the best foodie spots in LA!

Business travel never tasted so good as it does with our guide to the best foodie spots in LA!

In addition to this being a one-time offer of in-person, one-on-one coaching intensives for $1000 off the normal price, Lindsey's also including BONUSES!

Bonus #1

A guide to the top foodie spots in Los Angeles (including tea shops, cafes, markets, restaurants and more), PLUS how to use your trip to position yourself as the go-to tea pro amongst your customers, fans and soon-to-be customers on social media and via email!

Bonus #2

A transcription of our intensive to make implementing your new strategies even easier. No notes required!

Bonus #3

Stay accountable with 3 follow-up video conferences in the weeks after your intensive! Each 45-minute call makes sure you're on track and ready to achieve (or even surpass) your intensive goals!


Book your one-on-one intensive in LA TODAY!

Personalized 1-Day LA Intensive
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A word of caution from Lindsey...

If you are on the fence about this, it will become a massive time-and-energy suck if you don't go ahead and book today. Believe me, I've been there when it came to investing in my own business!

You want this for yourself and your business. You know how to make it happen. Take the jump now!

If you'd rather remain disorganized and inefficient, work too hard for too little money and stay frustrated that your efforts aren't creating the results you desire, then skip this intensive. But you know you're smarter than that, and you know you're no different from the tea business leaders who have worked with The Tea Mavens to radically transform their businesses for the better. Prepare to get the same results with me in LA this November and December.

"I don't regret a single investment I made in my tea business when it comes to learning through travel!" (Lindsey in San Lin Xi, Taiwan, 2011)

"I don't regret a single investment I made in my tea business when it comes to learning through travel!" (Lindsey in San Lin Xi, Taiwan, 2011)

Book your intensive today!

Personalized 1-Day LA Intensive
2,500.00 3,500.00
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A PS from Lindsey — These coaching intensives are designed exclusively for tea pros just like you who are ready to make running their business easier, more enjoyable, more efficient and more profitable than ever before with the expert guidance of a tea business coach. Based on over a decade of experience in the tea industry, your LA intensive is set to be exactly the transformative experience you and your business need to reach new levels of success. All you have to do is make the decision to make it a reality...


I already know how to set up marketing systems, delegate effectively, feel excited about my work, overcome self-worth issues, bring in a higher monthly income, smash through blocks, get answers to my tea business questions and create my own ideal version of success in my business. Why should I book an intensive?

Well, maybe you shouldn't! If you know how to do all of that and you're actually seeing the results you want from all of it already, then keep at it, tea pro!

And if you know it all already, but you are stuck and convinced that an intensive won't get you un-stuck, then please don't sign up. My clients get results and I do NOT want you messing up my success rate.

But if you 'already know' and you haven't taken massive action to IMPLEMENT what you know if your business, then an intensive is EXACTLY what you need to overcome your blocks and get things moving. If you are open to receive coaching, then you will actually receive MORE benefit than people who don't 'already know' because you will be able to continuously implement the lessons of the intensive for far longer using your firmly established knowledge base. So... see you in Cali!

I'm just starting my business. Is an intensive right for me?

Absolutely! I can't even begin to tell you how many clients have told me that wished they had found me sooner. Over the years, I've saved businesses countless hours of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars by starting projects off the right way (rather than swooping into fix them up once everything's gone to hell in a hand basket!).

Plus, you're in a danger zone as a new tea pro. You have to make a decision: Is your business a business? Or a hobby? If it's a hobby, then use your money elsewhere, like for throwing a tea event for your friends or traveling to Japan just for fun. But if it's a business and you want to be an entrepreneur, then invest in your BUSINESS, for goodness sake! On the scale of 1-10 in entrepreneurship, going for it with anything below a 10 is a waste of time. Go all in or forget about it and move on!

I'm an experienced tea pro. How can an intensive help me?

You tell me! Most experienced tea pros are still struggling with some of the basics, such as staffing/delegation, coherent and consistent marketing strategy, time management, stress levels and branding. There are areas in all businesses that can use improvements, whether they're small or enormous. Find the areas in which you're prepared to make massive change for the better. And THAT'S how an intensive can help you.

Can I bring a colleague?

Intensives are at their most effective when they're one-on-one, so... no! I want the best for you and your business, and having additional people in the room does not facilitate that for you. There's an on-site assistant to take care of any issues that may arise, so there's no need for you to bring your own assistant. You'll have an audio recording of the intensive, our notes from brainstorm/strategy sessions and the option for transcribed notes (for those of you who book early). Your colleague is welcome to review the materials after the intensive ends.

That said, if you book before September 5th, you're welcome to being a colleague (or significant other or friend) to afternoon tea. I'm happy to host your +1 then!

Personalized 1-Day LA Intensive
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See you in LA!