What are your goals for your business and your life?

When you have the answer to this question, possibilities open up where before there were none. Your direction is clear. Your work has purpose. And your dreams become far more attainable.

And we love to see this change in how tea pros like you do business! That's why we offer free, 45-minute 'discovery session calls' at The Tea Mavens.

What's a discovery session?

In short, it's a gift to you and your business. It's a way in which we serve the tea industry one business at a time, whether or not we end up working with each business.


A discovery session is a free, confidential, 45-minute call in which you talk with The Tea Mavens' founder, Lindsey Goodwin-von Trott, about your goals for your business and life as they relate to The Tea Mavens' services.

Over the course of the call, she'll work with you to get you clear on your goals for your business and life, and to determine whether working with The Tea Mavens is the right choice for you and your business at this time.

If you're ready to get real about what you truly desire for your business, whether it's more money or more connections, fewer work hours or fewer suppliers, a discovery session is the opportunity to do it now and to determine whether working with The Tea Mavens is the best way to reach these goals.

Will she pressure me to buy your services?

Nope! She will hold you accountable to your desires with fierce compassion. In some cases, this means being clear that if you truly desire y than you need to do z to make it happen. Or it may mean that she recommends that you wait to work with us or that you not work with us at all!

It all depends on how the discovery session unfolds. That's why it's called a 'discovery session'! It's about discovering what your goals are and whether working with The Tea Mavens is the best choice you can make right now for achieving your goals.

What should I do to prepare for a discovery session call?

1. Sign up for one.

2. Prepare questions for Lindsey about working with The Tea Mavens. Any concerns you have, any logistical questions... write them all down before your call.

3. When the time for the call rolls around, make sure that you are in a quiet, undistracted space where you can focus on the call. Open to the process of discovering your own path for your tea business and your life. You may be surprised by what you realize in this short time!

How do I sign up for a discovery session call?

Register for your free call here.

Be sure to answer all questions fully (including your country code and which services you want to discuss) or your call may be cancelled to make space for other callers.

Lindsey will call you at the scheduled time. Congrats on your decision to get real about your goals and desires for your business and your life!