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Market harder. Market better. Market faster. Market stronger.

Segmentation, list building, newsletter optimization, data-driven advertising, influencer marketing, sales funnels… If this sounds foreign to you, it’s time to say ‘When in Rome’ and get with the program! Lindsey (our tea business guru) and Tiffany (our digital marketing maven) are here to get your marketing strategy working day and night to bring in clients even when you’re taking time off.

Here's what a few of our clients are saying about our digital marketing services:

“Lindsey and her team can make you look like a multimillion dollar company. Do what you do best and let the The Tea Mavens do what they do best... I would highly recommend The Tea Mavens to take your business to the next level.”

— Thomas Egbert, Director of Fusion Teas, Texas

“Tiffany is an incredibly talented marketer. I was thrilled to work with her... She provided rich marketing direction.”

— L.D.C., Vancouver, Canada

Tiffany's decade of experience in digital marketing includes working with tea companies Samovar and Teance.

Learn more about Tiffany.

Lindsey's decade of experience in the tea industry spans continents and companies.

Learn more about Lindsey.

We offer two packages:

- a Digital Marketing Booster Pack for those who want to DIY after three months

- and Year-Long Digital Marketing Services for those who just want it taken care of without ever having to geek out about sales conversions or campaign metrics.

You already know which kind of person you are—there isn’t much middle ground with this stuff!—so choose accordingly. Details:

Digital Marketing Booster Pack

People used to put a sign out front and call it a day. Not anymore, my friend! The digital marketing world is @#$% complex, and we're here to navigate it for you. Three hours of coaching calls with tea guru Lindsey and our in-house digital marketing maven are focused on determining where your energies are best focused to build your online presence, so you can increase sales and take some dang time off every now and then! You’ll have a week between each call to take action and return with more questions.

Price: $1200

With transcriptions of all calls: $1400

Bonus: Our easy-to-understand ‘What does it all mean?’ digital marketing glossary

Digital Marketing Booster Pack
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Year-Long Digital Marketing Services

Note: We care deeply about making sure your business and ours are the right match. That's why you must apply before being approved to purchase this package. Apply here.

Not so interested in navigating the world of digital marketing along with us? That's OK. We’re a full-service firm offering all the digital marketing services you and your brand need, including branding, marketing strategy, marketing calendar creation, site design, content creation, SEO, email newsletters, social media, ad placement, press releases and more. Schedule a free, 45-minute discovery call to see which services fit your specific needs.

Bonus: A completely jargon-free year-end analysis report that tells you in clear terms how many customers the digital marketing program brought in

Inquire About Digital Marketing Services

Let us know about your needs and get more information about our rates and services.


Custom Digital Marketing Solutions

We are also available to partner with your company on specific projects. Schedule a free, 45-minute call to discuss.

Inquire About Digital Marketing Services

Let us know about your needs and get more information about our rates and services.