Tea Cupping & Copywriting Services

Go from major mistake to key selling point with our cupping & copywriting services.

One of the deadliest mistakes we see tea businesses make is the use of generic tea descriptions. Not only do these blurbs leave customers uninspired, but search engines HATE super-short copy and ‘copycat’ copy so much that they’ll rank your site lower if you use either one. Yikes!

If you’re not a natural writer or you just don’t have the time and energy to make your tea descriptions truly shine, then we’re here to take on the task for you. In the process of cupping over 10,000 teas over the last decade, we have:

  • Helped sell millions of dollars in tea

  • Used our writing skills to create and embody the voices of dozens of tea brands

  • Sharply improved Google rankings in a matter of months

  • Written catchy, enticing, memorable copy that sells tea and gets customers coming back again and again (and linking their friends to it, too)

  • Enabled business owners to focus on the work that they LOVE and are GREAT at doing (instead of on worrying about their website or tea menu, or trying to churn out decent copy themselves)

#DYK? In addition to producing copious amounts of copywriting and ghostwriting, Lindsey's writings have been published in / on:

  • The NY Observer
  • The Austin Chronicle
  • METRO magazine (in NYC and Philadelphia)
  • Charlotte Magazine
  • About.com Coffee & Tea (where she was the site's 'tea guide' for seven years)
  • STiR magazine
  • World Tea News
  • Global Tea Hut magazine
  • The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
  • Fresh Cup magazine

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Here's what a few of our clients are saying about our cupping and copywriting services:

"One of Lindsey's great gifts is her way with words. She took the transient flavours and sensations of our complex teas and translated them into engaging, accurate and compelling words. We were stuck with what to write on our packaging before Lindsey alleviated the stress by translating fleeting moments into solid branding."

— Holly Helt, Founder of Chiki Tea, Japan

“I have known Lindsey for over a decade, and can attest to the fact that she's one of the most knowledgeable, and prolific, tea writers in the country... We have also been able to utilize her marketing writing skills for product descriptions, to great effect... We look forward to working with her again."

— Winnie Yu, Director of Teance Fine Teas, Berkeley, California

“From packaging to website content, Lindsey has handled numerous projects for Samovar. Her input has been full of passion, and she was a joy to work with.”

— Jesse Jacobs, Founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco, California

If you’re ready to upgrade your copy from blah to brilliant, sign up for a Cupping & Copy package today. Note: Size DOES matter here, so please choose appropriately!

Boutique Tea Copy

Share tea copy that's every bit as distinct and bespoke as your tea brand. Includes a 30-minute pre-cupping branding strategy session, cupping and copy for approximately 15 teas, and 30 minutes of email exchange and revisions to make sure the copy is just what you want and need.

Value: $1500

Price: $1500

Bonus: A style guide ebook to help you define your brand’s style and tone across ALL aspects of marketing.

Boutique Tea Copy
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Retail Tea Copy

Make your tea menu stand apart from the competition and help customers select their teas with ease. Includes a one-hour pre-cupping branding strategy session, cupping and copy for approximately 100 teas, a check-in to calibrate the approach after the first 10 descriptions are completed, and one hour of email exchange and revisions.

Note: If you have fewer than 100 teas, we’ll use extra hours toward additional site copy!

Value: $6000

Price: $5750

Bonus: A style guide ebook to help you define your brand’s style and tone across ALL aspects of marketing.

Retail Tea Copy
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Wholesale Tea Copy

Custom packages for as many teas as you carry, you industry titan, you!

Apply to talk with us about collaborating here, and make sure to let us know how many teas you want us to write about!

Bonus: A style guide ebook to help you define your brand’s style and tone across ALL aspects of marketing.


Additional Site / Print Copy

Having killer copy on the remainder of your website and in any printed materials you use can make an enormous difference in your sales. We’ve written fantastic copy for tea websites, menus, brochures, booklets and numerous other marketing materials.

Apply to work with us here.


Learn to write your own amazing copy for web, newsletters, social media posts and more with this 30-day, customized training with Lindsey.