Crowdfunding Services

Get ready to work the crowd, you innovative entrepreneur!

Crowdfunding is changing the face of entrepreneurship as we know it. Our crowdfunding services empower you to reach contributors around the world and far exceed your funding goals. Our team includes Lindsey (who has extensively studied what sells and what doesn’t, and who produced the materials that two different tea companies used to secure angel investors in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles), Tiffany (who can get your email list through the roof before you even launch your campaign and enable you to reach more prospective donors / investors than you dreamed of) and Jennifer (who produced the tea video that scored the second-highest amount of funding for ANY publication EVER on Kickstarter).


Crowdfunding Coaching

If your dreams are easy to reach, then you’re dreaming too small. You have the idea. You have the skills. You just need a little guidance on how to get there… as you should! (After all, you dream big.)

We’re here to get you from Point A (no funding) to Point B (fully funded and then some) with the tools, approaches and mindset that you need to exceed your funding goal.

Bonus: A checklist of everything you need to do to make your BIG dream a BIGGER reality

Inquire About Crowdfunding Coaching

Let us know about your needs and get more information about our rates and services.


Coming Soon: The Video

It all starts with a dream (and probably an iPhone). After a one-hour consult call, your video is in progress. We’ll collaborate with you on the script. We’ll give you all the info you need to shoot the video yourself. We’ll assist you in music selection. And edit your footage into a compelling crowdfunding video that gets lots of eyes on your campaign and pledges for your project. You’re involved from the start to the finish, ensuring that the end product is something that you (and your funders!) love.

Coming Soon: Get Kickstarted

This is the whole enchilada, muchacha (or muchacho—excuse me, sir!). It includes the video and coaching we just talked about, plus crafting of a press release, guidance on how to send it out, online ad placement and email list building from our digital marketing maven, a bae logo from our super-talented designer and a photoshoot-worth of Instagram-ready photos of your product(s).

Bonus: A checklist of everything you need to do to make your BIG dream a BIGGER reality