Tea Drink Recipes for Tea Vendors

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Tea Drink Recipes for Tea Vendors


Connect with the hearts and imaginations of potential and loyal customers alike with expertly developed, highly customized tea drink recipes.

Using three to five of your best-selling teas, we create a selection of recipes tailored to engage the tastes and cravings of your target market. This package includes:

+ an initial two-hour consult call with Alexis and Lindsey to determine the specific needs of your company.

+ recipe testing and development to create phenomenal drinks that your customers will crave again and again.

+ three to five recipes specifically created and written with your branding in mind.

+ clear, engaging, branded recipe headnotes, ingredients and instructions (which may be used by customers and staff alike).

+ gorgeous photographs of each recipe, including your company's teaware if desired.

+ a branded, Pinterest-ready graphic of the recipes' key steps, including a photo of the final drink.

These materials may be used in a variety of media, including your website, social media channels, printed materials and packaging to drive sales and brand loyalty.

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Notes: This package includes up to $200 in supplies for recipe development and testing and two hours in shopping time. If your project requires special / rare ingredients, you can send them to us or we can add a reasonable surcharge for acquisition.

Payment plans are available upon request.