Startup / Reboot


Startup / Reboot


This is everything you need for a stylish start or a whole new look.

  • A customized, eye-catching logo? Check.
  • Templates for gorgeous newsletters? Yep.
  • Detailed stylebook and all original files so you can use any graphic designer (or even do it yourself) when we’ve finished? Most companies would say ‘Heck, no!’ but our motto is ‘We’re on it now!’

Your brand has never looked this good (or sold so well). Sign up for a free, 45-minute discovery call to discuss your brand’s stylistic needs.

Price: $3600

Bonus: A style guide ebook to help you define your brand’s style and tone across ALL aspects of marketing.

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Includes 30 hours of design from one of our wonderful design mavens and two hours of consulting from tea guru Lindsey.