Social Media Startup


Social Media Startup

from 4,800.00

You STILL don't have social? It's time to get on that now (and by ‘now,’ we mean YESTERDAY). Thankfully, we make it easy to get going with our Social Media Startup package.

First, we have a three-hour initial coaching call with our Tea Guru (Lindsey) and our Social Media Maven (Ada). Then, we set up your essential social media accounts for you. (Whew, finally!) Over the course of the next 90 days, we’ll handle all posts and interactions on all accounts and send you three social media analysis reports (so you know how it’s going). We wrap up the quarter by handing it over to you via two hours of strategy sessions with Lindsey plus two hours of training sessions with Ada. By the end, you’ll be prepared (and even amped!) to take on your flourishing social media accounts.

This is a fast-track coaching program, so if you need a little more guidance after it’s over, you can always book a quick tune-up with us at reduced hourly rates that are only for our established customers. We’ll also send you the extant-clients-only link for scheduling shorter coaching calls when the time comes!

Note that similar programs from social media management companies that have LITTLE to NO experience in working with tea businesses are often more expensive, less effective and more of an ongoing expense than this fast-track program!

Price: $4800

With transcription of all calls: $5100

Bonus: Our easy-to-understand ‘What does it all mean?’ social media glossary

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This is an online coaching package. Calls may be made via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout or phone.