Digital Marketing Booster Pack


Digital Marketing Booster Pack

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People used to put a sign out front and call it a day. Not anymore, my friend! The digital marketing world is @#$% complex, and we're here to navigate it for you. Three hours of coaching calls with tea guru Lindsey and our in-house digital marketing maven are focused on determining where your energies are best focused to build your online presence, so you can increase sales and take some dang time off every now and then! You’ll have a week between each call to take action and return with more questions.

Price: $1200

With transcriptions of all calls: $1400

Bonus: Our easy-to-understand ‘What does it all mean?’ digital marketing glossary

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This is an online coaching package. Calls may be made via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout.

Note: To avoid scheduling issues that impact other clients, your coaching hours must be completed within 6 months of package purchase.