Custom Wholesale Package for Tay Tea


Custom Wholesale Package for Tay Tea


This custom package is specifically for your needs as a tea blender expanding further into the wholesale market. In order to reach the maximum number of customers with the optimal use of time or money, we recommend the following:

  • An introductory call with Lindsey and Tiffany (Digital Marketing Maven) so we can more fully assess your needs, product line and goals, and can strategize around them
  • Complete wholesale strategy, including an automated web system for lead generation and collection to make your sales process far easier and more cost-effective
  • Targeted online ad placement with our Ads Maven (Connie)
  • Co-creation of incentives for potential clients to reach out to you (rather than the other way around)
  • Guidance through your creation of the wholesale application form, payment process, order fulfillment and optimization of new client onboarding

At each step of the process, we'll guide you through the most effective, least draining way to acquire and retain new wholesale clients. This package provides an exceptional start in the wholesale tea world... one that places you way ahead of most small tea businesses working in wholesale today.

Price with our normal hourly rates: $6600

Price through January 31st: $6200 (with a bonus of more two hours coaching calls with Lindsey)

Price through February 28th: $6400

Optional add-ons we offer include:

  • Develop and design of product catalog and price sheet
  • Creation of all necessary documents for prospective and new clients
  • Guidance on order fulfillment strategy and inventory management
  • Lead research for cold calls
  • Development of cold-call script and follow up email
  • Coaching on how to optimize cold calls and to network effectively every time you go into a cafe, restaurant or retail shop (including how to get ahold of the decision-maker)
  • Guidance on effective print advertising and optimal wholesale directory placements
  • Rewards programs and other client incentives
  • Additional coaching on networking

I recommend getting started with the main package and seeing if you need or prefer to have any of these extras as we go. Again, the main package is an exceptional way to begin, and it'll put you way ahead of most of the competition!

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This package is exclusively for Tay Tea.

It includes:

  • Up to 2 hours initial call with Lindsey and Tiffany, with a total of 4 hours collaboration between Lindsey and Tiffany
  • 10 hours additional strategy and optimization from Tiffany
  • 1 hour additional strategy and optimization from Lindsey
  • 30 hours SEO, AdWords and related from Connie
  • a 1-hour follow up call with Lindsey and Tiffany

Please note that the ad costs themselves are absorbed by Tay Tea; you'll determine the ad budget with our guidance and we'll work within that budget.