Crowdfunding Coaching

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Crowdfunding Coaching

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If your dreams are easy to reach, then you’re dreaming too small. You have the idea. You have the skills. You just need a little guidance on how to get there… as you should! (After all, you dream big.)

We’re here to get you from Point A (no funding) to Point B (fully funded and then some) with the tools, approaches and mindset that you need to exceed your funding goal.

Price: $900

With transcriptions of our talks: $1100

Bonus: A checklist of everything you need to do to make your BIG dream a BIGGER reality

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This is an online coaching package. Calls may be made via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout. It includes three hours of talks with Lindsey, our tea guru. You can use this time in one sitting or split them into as many as three calls.

Note: Lindsey only works with clients who are serious about doing what it takes to get crowdfunded! If you're ready for some serious kick-your-butt-into-next-week coaching, then you're ready to work with Lindsey.