Business Booster Pack

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Business Booster Pack

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Your business is generally moving forward, but not at the speed you’d like, and it’s time for an adjustment in direction. Perhaps you’re revamping your tea menu, moving toward sourcing from origin, working to acquire more customers, planning a physical location or just looking for some ongoing guidance to make your tea business (and life) flow instead of the painful hobbling along it’s been doing lately. No matter what the issue, we’re here to empower you to make the change with minimal drama and maximum impact.

This package includes a two-hour starter coaching session and hour-long, weekly coaching sessions for 90 days. All sessions are with Lindsey, who has worked and led in the tea industry for more than a decade, interviewed more than 1,000 tea professionals on the inner workings of their businesses and worked with dozens of (now) successful tea companies.

Value: $4900

Price: $4700

With transcripts of all calls: $5250

Bonus: Free download of a tea business workbook with printable worksheets and checklists targeted at 11 key ways to improve your tea business

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This is an online coaching package. Calls may be made via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout.

Note: We only work with clients who are serious about doing what it takes to improve their businesses and make their lives more manageable. If you're ready for some major transformation, contact us today.