Large Consultation Package for Tahira Nizari

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Large Consultation Package for Tahira Nizari

from 4,700.00

This offer is for Tahira Nizari.

The usual package description is below. In your case, we'd focus on branding, target market, local value-adds, packaging and/or blending. This package is typically 90 days, but if you'd like, we could postpone part of it and use some of the hours for an in-person tasting and blending session in Germany (with added travel/location costs as needed).

Price until the afternoon of Tuesday, April 3rd: $4000

Price after the afternoon of Tuesday, April 3rd: $4700

(There's also an option for receiving transcripts of all calls. Regardless of whether you select this, you can receive recordings of the calls via Dropbox/similar.)


Perhaps you’re revamping your tea menu, moving toward sourcing from origin, planning a physical location or just looking for some ongoing guidance to make your tea business (and life) flow instead of the painful hobbling along it’s been doing lately. No matter what the issue, Lindsey's here to empower you to make the change with years of expertise and hundreds of contacts behind her.

This package includes a two-hour starter coaching session and hour-long, weekly consult calls for 90 days. All calls are with Lindsey, who has worked and led in the tea industry for more than a decade, interviewed more than 1,000 tea professionals on the inner workings of their businesses and worked with dozens of (now) successful tea companies.

Value: $4900

Price: $4700

With transcripts of all calls: $5250

Bonus 1: Free download of a tea business workbook with printable worksheets and checklists targeted at 11 key ways to improve your tea business

Bonus 2: A questionnaire to get Lindsey up to speed on what's happening with your business (without using up your consulting time)

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Package hours must be completed by April 1st, 2019.