Your Tea Company's Mission & Vision

One of the main failings of too many tea retailers and wholesalers out there could be avoided with only a few hours of work. It's something that can be drawn out too long, is often overly thought out (but still incomplete) and can lead to serious burnout if a company doesn't handle it.

What is it?

A tea company's mission and vision statement.

Company mission statement: A succinct, inspiring statement about what your company does

Company vision statement: A succinct, inspiring statement about what your company aims to do in the long run

Having these two little paragraphs in place makes a world of difference for many businesses. With them written and posted somewhere you’ll see them often:

  • decision-making is vastly simplified, especially when it comes to branding, marketing, delegation and product selection / development.
  • your focus is sharpened and extraneous things that used to distract you fall away.
  • prioritizing your tasks becomes almost reflexive.
  • your customer base becomes more known and more accessible.
  • you can plan big AND make your plans happen!

I recently saw this make an enormous difference for a coaching client who was stuck in 'analysis paralysis' around almost every possible decision about their business, from what to carry to whether to change the business name. Once this client got their 'what' and their 'why' clear, everything else fell into place with lightning speed.

Here are our top three tips to get your mission statement and vision statement done FAST:

1. Watch this inspiring video on the ‘why’ behind successful companies and movements

2. Set a timer for ONE MINUTE and brainstorm on your business’s ‘why’. (Keep it at one minute. For now, done is better than perfect!)

3. Purchase the guide to overcoming the top 11 hurdles tea businesses face (including how to write powerful mission & vision statements), PLUS 6 bonuses!

The guidance above is just ONE sample from ONE of the 11 areas featured in our guide to overcoming the most common hurdles that tea business leaders face today. The other 10 areas include:

  • effective time management
  • prioritization
  • delegation
  • automation
  • team motivation
  • and more

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