Your FAQ's, answered:

Here are some of the most common questions I (Lindsey) get asked over at The Tea Mavens, along with their answers.

Q: How'd you get into tea?

A: Like so many other tea professionals in the U.S. and Canada, it was a total accident! I was surprised to find that I fell hopelessly in love with tea in 2005 and have been working with tea professionally ever since.

Q: What's your favorite tea?

A: I'm a real 'seasonal drinker,' so I tend to drink green and white teas in summer, dark roast oolongs in late autumn, shou puerhs in winter and lighter oolongs in spring. Black tea and 'nourishing herbal infusions' (which are intense brews of non-aromatic herbs, such as nettle or linden, drunk for deep nourishment rather than for flavor) are year-round favorites for me. Although I'm generally a tea purist, I do love a good Earl Grey or Jasmine Pearls. I'm oddly fascinated by tea blending trends and I spent six months in search of the perfect cup of chai in India (photo above). In short, I'm a tea lover, and the specific teas I love the most change pretty much moment-to-moment!

Q: How'd you end up doing what you do?

A: After working for a chic tea shop and managing an even chic-er tea bar, I considered starting my own online tea business. This was way back in 2007. I remember doing the market research and finding that there were already a few companies doing a great job with traveling to origin and sourcing teas themselves or marketing tea blends like mad or getting custom teaware made for their clients... and I was happy to leave them to it! After all, I'm much more of a people-person than a web-backend person and a big-picture person than a filling-orders person. So, I started offering tea tours and tea classes in NYC through my first tea business, Vee Tea.

I loved working with tea businesses back then, but since I had a decade less experience than I do now, where I really shone was in SEO and copywriting. My Google rankings were absolutely killing it, and soon enough, tea companies started asking me to get similar results for their websites. Next thing I knew, I was a tea writer. I wrote for numerous companies and publications around the world. In writing for publications, I had the amazing opportunity to interview over 1,000 tea professionals around the globe, which ended up being the perfect basis for moving into consulting over time. After all, once you know all the ins and outs of the tea business from such a variety of companies, it only makes sense, right? Plus, I LOVE empowering tea businesses to succeed!

More recently, I've started coaching tea businesses, too. I find that some tea businesses respond extremely well to consulting. They're able to take the abundance of information I provide and run with it! But for others, there's a lot of infrastructure and inner work that need to be handled before the more technical stuff can really take effect. Often, this has to do with time management, delegation and other issues that (you'd better bet) I've faced as a tea entrepreneur over the years! I'm thrilled to offer coaching as a means for overcoming these obstacles and thriving as a tea pro.


Q: I saw that I can schedule a free call with you. What's that all about?

A: Here's what discovery session calls are and how to schedule one with me to discuss your tea business. I look forward to talking with you!