The Tea Mavens are the world's premier business consultancy for the tea industry.

For over a decade, we've collaborated with tea businesses around the world. We've made their companies stronger, their earnings and reach larger, their products better, and their founders and employees happier and more productive.

The Tea Mavens strive to spread the love of tea worldwide. How? By serving as the tea industry’s one-stop-shop for business services. We consistently provide all the highly specialized, high-quality services that are essential for competition in today’s increasingly complex beverage marketplace. From sourcing to social, we’ve got you and your tea business covered.

We each bring our own areas of expertise to the table, and together we are far stronger than the sum of our parts. Learn more about each Tea Maven's specializations...


Tea Guru Lindsey

Lindsey founded The Tea Mavens after more than 11 years of work in the tea industry—work unlike any tea professional has undertaken before her.

Prior to founding The Tea Mavens, Lindsey ran tea service companies Copy & Taste Tea (which focused on tea copywriting and consulting) and Vee Tea (which focused on tea classes and tours).

As a tea writer and tea business coach, she has had the privilege to live in Taiwan for tea for two years, travel across India for six months in search of tea knowledge and the best cup of chai, apprentice for an herbalist in the U.S. (tisane knowledge: check!), interview over 1,000 tea professionals around the world, and cup over 10,000 different teas.

Lindsey loves empowering tea companies to thrive! Learn how she and her team can empower you and your business today.


Digital Marketing Maven Tiffany

Tiffany and Lindsey first worked together in 2009. Since then, they've partnered up on numerous projects for tea companies, with Tiffany's expertise honed in on tasks like marketing strategies, list building and inbound marketing. Don't let her soft-spoken nature fool you. Tiffany is a fierce marketer to have on your side, with a keen intellect and a sharp eye for opportunity!

#DYK? Tiffany has published numerous articles in TeaMuse, is a Level 3 Certified Tea Expert through the Specialty Tea Institute, studied chanoyu in Chiba for four months and has been active in the tea industry for over a decade.


Ads & SEO Maven Connie

Connie brings years of experience in ad placement, SEO and digital marketing to the team. With her skills and experience, she empowers online tea businesses to show up, measure up and grow up. In addition to having authored the technical tome "Email Marketing 501: Advanced Analytics for Nonprofits & Small Businesses," she's certified in:

  • Google AdWords (for search network, display network, mobile and YouTube),
  • Google Shopping,
  • Google Analytics,
  • and DoubleClick Studio, HTML5, Google Web Designer (GWD), VPAID, Lightbox Ads and YouTube Masthead.

Tea Maven Alexis

Alexis has worked in the tea industry for the last nine years, primarily as a tea consultant, tea writer, tea educator and tea recipe developer. She's certified in the Foundations of Tea (Level 1 & 2) by the Specialty Tea Institute, and her tea recipes and stories have been published in Anthology Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine, Remedy Quarterly, Design*Sponge and more.

Be sure to check out Alexis's custom recipe creation package. Her recipes will keep your customers coming back for more... and more... and more...


Social Media Maven Ada

Ada began her writing career as a journalist and then moved into ghostwriting and copywriting. These days, she's a freelance social media maven with loads of experience in getting brands looking good and looked at often. Her ability to take on different brands' voices is exceptional, and once you try her Instagram photography services, you'll never want to go back to DIY again!


Design Maven Elle

Elle has been on Lindsey's team since 2010, when she designed the Copy & Taste logo and website. Since then, she has put her super-skills to use in a variety of tea projects, including web design, logo design, presentation design, and video / animation art direction. We love that she's a visionary and a go-getter, and we're slightly jealous that her day job in design takes up most of her bandwidth! If you live in the SF-Berkeley area, you're likely to see her at Samovar and Teance.


Design Maven Shanthony

Shanthony is our newest addition to the team, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her on board! She drinks matcha and Ayurvedic tisanes in her Brooklyn home and spends her days being the amazingly creative problem-solver / designer / art director we all know and love. Shanthony is a full-time freelance designer, and if you book a design package with us, you're very likely to get the privilege of working with her!


Tea Maven Elin

Elin has been one of Lindsey's go-to Tea Mavens since 2009. She plays a variety of roles at The Tea Mavens, including design services and copywriting. Her job at an architecture firm usually keeps her busy these days (as do her commitments as a mom), but if you're lucky, she might be involved in your project, too!